We’re happy to throw a bunch of eye-popping statistics at you like:

-80% of internet users recall watching a video on a website they've visited in the past 30 days

-46% of those users took some action after viewing the video

-92% of mobile video consumers share videos with others

-1 minute of video is estimated to be worth 1.8 million words

But if you’ve found your way here, you’re probably already aware of the profound power marketing videos have online.  What you want to know is why you should work with us, specifically.  Here are a few reasons…


First and foremost- we are storytellers.  That’s our background, our future and the reason we’re in this business.  


We’re not going to make the same type of video most companies will give you.  Our style is more dynamic, creative and powerful and ultimately more memorable.  Our videos do not get lost in the shuffle; they cut through the noise, get noticed and shared.


We’ve worked with many demanding clients having spent the last 10 years in Los Angeles creating impactful videos for the likes of Netflix, Nickelodeon, DIY Network, Fox TV and have partnered with dozens of producers and production companies to craft with precision the content they need.


The videos we produce tend to have a bit of humor to them.  We can do earnest…  But we’d rather not.


Our prices are low compared with many other companies.  Our average cost for a short piece (1-3 minutes) over the last few years is $3,372, but we can certainly work within your budget.


We’re fun to work with.  ‘Nuff said :)

Please check out the reel above as well as the videos you’ll find listed under Services, then shoot an email or give us a call and we’ll take the next step.